Odour Control

Odour Control

Odour Control

If bad odours are plaguing your establishment, ask us to investigate what is causing the problem. It could be emanating from a number of areas other than just drains. Let us get to the heart of the problem and solve it.

For instant overnight solutions we have a range of Odour Control Products that provide instant relief and also contain odour counteractants which help combat the odours as well as freshening the affected areas.

Environmental Biotech Odour Control Products are harmless to people and animals when used as instructed. They can be used in places such as toilets, changing rooms, nursing homes, offices, day care centers, restaurants etc. They can be used directly or in conjunction with most of our services.

Our Products are effective in combating odours in the air, on surfaces, storage areas, sewage vents, containers, manholes and much more.

Your business could lose out if your premises are plagued by unwanted odours. By using the right products for the right problem, odour control can be achieved.






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