Environmental Bio-Solutions

Environmental Bio-Solutions

FOG Waste Water Solutions

Wherever food is prepared, FOG (Fat, Oils and Grease) will be a part of the waste that you will need to somehow dispose of.

Because grease and fat float on water they coagulate on the roof and walls of your drain line, while sugar and starch settle on the bottom until it becomes blocked. Foul odors become prevalent, drain flies breed, grease traps or interceptors need frequent cleaning and leach fields choke. Finally heavy waste flows create pollution resulting in fines and surcharges.

If FOG is not treated it will lead to drain overload, bad odors, equipment failure, blockages, health, safety and hygiene issues, costly clean-up operations and ultimately – customer dissatisfaction.

Our environmentally safe and friendly treatment using bacteria creates WATER and a small amount of CO2.



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