CCTV Inspection

The EB EYE™, Drain Line Video Inspection System
CCTV Surveys

Have you ever wondered what the inside of your drains actually look like? Where do those lines really go? Are you puzzled about your slowflow rates? What on earth could be causing these repeated backups or clogs? What have all the chemicals done to the drains over the years? Has the plumber’s snake damaged your pipes?

When faced with a drain line problem, facility managers had to rely on guess work or simply “deal with it” because no feasible solution existed. Often entire kitchen floors were torn up to locate one small problem area. Such drastic actions cost more than money - there are also the factors of lost time, lost revenue, and logistical headaches.

The EB EYE™ Drain Line Video Inspection System is an affordable answer to these and other drain line questions. With this system, you can actually see where your problems lie and determine the best course of action - without taking drastic (and usually expensive) measures.








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